Excavation Services

Septic Services

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Basement Drainage and Sump Pumps

We offer a wide variety of services for general site excavation. Including:

We are equipped with the proper equipment to mark out a variety of underground utilities without the need of hiring expensive mark out companies, this saves the customer money and us time.

Foundation Excavation
Two Excavators hard at work!

Driveway Prep and Maintenence

We install and maintain gravel / Item #4 driveways, prepare for new blacktop driveways, install or repair catch basins, rotted culvert pipe, etc. We try to find a solution for any type of drainage issue to reduce erosion and/ or icing.

Installing a driveway drain
Driveway Item #4

Underground Utility Installation

We work side by side with your electrician, or ours, to install underground electric service. This provides your home with a cleaner look and more reliable service during storms. Your yard will be restored to its previous condition whether it is garden bed or lawn.

We also offer trenching and installation of conduit for electric, communication lines, lighting, telephone, cable TV, fiber optics, ect. Additionally, we can locate and excavate for repairs, and even relocate existing buried utilites.

Laying electric lines
Digging channel for utilities

Emergency Water Line Repair

We offer new installation, repairs and emergency service for residential and commercial water lines. Whether it is a residential well line, or commercial water main, we can aid in the excavation and repair or replacement of these water lines. If licensed plumber is required, we have experienced subcontractors that we work with on a regular basis.

New Water Line!

Foundation Prep

We offer excavation for all forms of foundations and footings including deck piers, full house foundations, additions, large and small, retaining walls, concrete patios, ect.

Generator and Propane Tank Preperation

We can work together with your propane provider for installation of buried propane tanks whether it is for a new generator or your entire heating system. If you do not currently have a propane provider we can refer some local professionals that we have experience working with. We can also work with your electrician, or ours, to install the underground infrastructure for full house backup generator.

Generator being installed
Propane Tank in ground

Rock Removal

Rock removal is a hard subject in the industry due to varying hardness in the local work area. On a regular basis we deal with anything from soft shale rock to extremely hard granite. We have various sizes of rock hammers to accommodate most situations. Please call us so we can discuss your specific needs.

Getting rid of rocks

Storm Clean Up

In the past several years the Northeast has been hit with damaging storms. We can offer the cleanup of large trees that blow over, including the removal of the stumps and wood, and providing restoration of your yard. We also offer the cleanup and stabilizing of materials caused by erosion.

Summer Storm Clean Up
Winter Storm Clean Up

Storm Water Management and Drainage

Most job sites today, whether residential or commercial, require some form of storm water management to treat the runoff water from all impervious surfaces (roof, driveway, patio, ect). These systems can be installed using a variety of practices that will be designed by a professional engineer for each particular site.

Installing Storm Water Tanks

Septic System Installation and Repairs

We offer septic system repairs for all kinds of situations. It is very important to decide what the cause of failure is before obtaining an estimate for repair or replacement. We do this by exposing and inspecting the main components of the system including, but not limited to, septic tank, septic pump chamber, dosing chamber, distribution box, junction boxes, fields and waste lines connecting these components. All permits for repairs are obtained by our office and duplicates of all paperwork are provided to the owner upon job completion to simplify the process for our customers. Septic repairs can range from a damaged or blocked pipe to a completely new engineered replacement system based on the results of the inspection.

septic installation
Certified Roth Tank Installer

Tank Replacement

Septic tank failure is very common in older homes. Many septic tanks that we come across during an inspection, or failures found by the customer are made from steel or cement block. Neither of these materials were designed to be submerged for a long period of time. Cement block starts to crumble until dirt starts falling into the tank creating a depression in your yard. Steel tanks rot out on all sides and usually look like swiss cheese when removed. Depending on the location of a customer’s tank determines if it will be replaced with a precast concrete tank or a poly tank.

Septic Field Replacement

Septic Inspection

The inspection of a septic system is not a quick or simple task. The majority of our customers looking for a septic inspection are in the process of buying a home. With the cost of repairs or remediation (engineered design) of a septic system, in addition to the requirements of the local health departments, it is extremely important to have a complete inspection of all system components to determine the cause of failure. Many of our competitor’s limit septic inspection to the septic tank only. Although this is important, there are other parts of the system that may still be in need of repair or replacement and would otherwise be overlooked, which could potentially cost the new home buyer thousands of dollars down the road. When we come to a home to inspect the system, we also start with the inspection of the septic tank for structural integrity and baffle. We then move on in the system to the distribution box or junction box, depending on type of system. It is at this point that we can get a good idea of system functionality. Upon completing our inspection we provide a report of the system condition and a new or updated map (As-built) of the septic system.

Pipe invasion by roots
Crumbling D-Box

Terra Lift

The Terra Lift machine has been an alternative option for septic rejuvenation. We usually offer this as a less expensive repair option, to buy the home owner some time when the cost of replacement is too high. This option is also a good solution for a septic area that has been compacted or was installed with low quality, low percolation, bank run sand.

The Terra Lift!

House Removal

Many times we have customers purchase a piece of property because they love the area, view, landscape, ect. Often times they have different views for their dream home which require and existing home to be removed to make room for a new custom home. There are also circumstances where a home is purchased in some form of disrepair in which it is not worth fixing and therefore we remove it for them.

Pool Removal

Customers have us remove pools for different reasons. Some pools are in a state of disrepair where it is not cost effective to rejuvenate it. Others simply would rather have more yard space due to lack of pool use. Whether it is a above ground liner pool or an in ground cement pool with extensive patios we have the equipment to make it all disappear.

Concrete Patio Removal

Many times concrete patios that were no originally built properly start to crack and move with the winter season and frost of the northeast. If the patio needs to be replaced we can remove and prepare the area for your mason to create your new patio.

Keeping a dry basement is very important for the health of a home and its occupants. While not always possible, catching the water on the outside of the foundation is the best way to solve a wet basement issue. When waterproofing a home from the outside, we excavate a channel all around the foundation. Any remaining dirt residue is cleaned off the walls. Next the walls of the foundation are waterproofed and insulated, and new footing drain pipes are installed. The addition of insulation boards acts as drainage for surface water that may accumulate next to a foundation wall, this water can then travel vertically down to the new footing drains.

In cases when the basement cant be drained from the outside, it can can be dried out from the inside by installing interior drain channels around the perimeter of the basement slab.

In both cases the water is either piped via gravity to a discharge point downhill of the home or pumped up to another drainage location with a sump pump.

Pipe Failure! Water Proofing Basement New Sump Pump